A world of kitchens around you

The kitchen is a room you truly live in, it is the room of the house that is dedicated to conviviality, to sharing and to being together. Habitat specializes in designing kitchens that are highly customized and has chosen Veneta Cucine as their partner for their large store entirely dedicated to kitchens. Veneta Cucine is a family-run company that has existed for more than 50 years. Over the decades, it has gone from being a local company serving their region into an international corporation, becoming the largest Italian kitchen furniture platform. Habitat is the exclusive dealer of this superstar of Italian kitchen excellence for the province of Siena

The home of your new Kitchen

Habitat, has been a point of reference for precision and trustworthiness from the very beginning, and it has continued this role with each new project, including the Veneta Cucine store, an entire store dedicated to the wonderful world of kitchens.
The Veneta Cucine store is located in Siena, on Via Paolo Frajese, 1.
The store in Siena began as a local endeavor but over the years has become a point of reference for all of Tuscany. It expertly combines the international appeal of Veneta Cucine with Habitat’s know-how of the local area infused with the Tuscan passion for good food and a true expression of Tuscany living.

The largest assortment

Habitat selects the most innovative models and materials to create kitchens that are fresh and original. It equips every kitchen with fixtures, devices and accessories that make the kitchens particularly reliable and durable over time.


An architect just for you

The expert Habitat architects and designers will guide you through the process of planning your kitchen, while respecting ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics for this unique room, one of the most important of your entire home.
Each project is designed to make daily actions safer and easier to accomplish.


A vast “materioteca” is available for our clients to bring together all the aspects of their kitchen, with an emphasis placed on performance, durability and beauty.

Exclusive products

Caranto is Veneta Cucine’s new line of ceramic and quartz technical worktops. Caranto is synonymous with design and ensures, in its many forms, the highest standards of quality and beauty.
The innumerable finishes, both for quartz and ceramic countertops, are sure to satisfy any desire.

Internal equipment

Ergonomics, functionality and space optimization. These are the characteristics that make the internal equipment the strong point of a perfect kitchen in every detail. The high quality of the materials guarantees the smoothness of the movements, the stability and the high silence. The wide range of products offered allows you to configure every single element of the kitchen according to your needs.

Home appliances

Habitat e Veneta Cucine offer their clients the best brands of appliances with the most advantageous promotions and deals you will not want to miss.
Our experts, with their many years of experience and continuous training, will be able to recommend the most suitable appliances for the needs of any family. The choice between gas and induction stove, the special features of a steam oven, the advantages of various refrigerators and so much more will all be illustrated in a clear and comprehensive way for a serene and informed choice.


The sale of a kitchen is the conclusion of an accurate project but for Habitat it is only the beginning of a great assistance and planning work aimed at preparing the environment that will host the kitchen. From the inspection at the customer’s home, to the design of the plumbing and electrical systems, from a careful drafting of the design of the coatings and plasterboard structures, each phase is managed according to a protocol aimed at the pursuit of perfection.

Attention to detail

A passion for beauty and ingenuity which generates innovation is the foundation of know-how, and it is something that Habitat has emphasized from the very beginning. In the kitchen, more so that in any other room, the care taken with the installation, the knowledge of the materials used and the professionalism with which various instruments are used make the difference in reaching an impeccable and lasting result.


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TUE – FRI: 9.30 – 13.00 | 15.30 – 19.30

SAT: 9.30 – 13.00 | closed

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