The Habitat method

Habitat methodically follows each of the various steps necessary to furnish your home. The very first meeting is dedicated to understanding the needs of the individual and the characteristics of the house and is then followed by the realization of one or more projects until the customer is completely satisfied. Once the customer has chosen the project, one of our architects will do an on-site inspection to ensure the accuracy of the planned furnishings. Each of our interior design projects is accompanied by an electrical and plumbing systems project to facilitate work during the build. The last phase, the most important, is that of delivery and installation, which is carried out with care and maximum precision by our expert personnel.


Habitat brings the professionalism of their interior designers directly to your home.
An architect will advise you on the best materials, lighting and combinations of form and color, all to make the spaces unique, welcoming and one-of-a-kind.


Project design

A team of architects and interior designers at your service.
Project design is our vocation, exceeding your every expectation is our mission. Each project comes to life from our meticulous analysis of the various spaces and living needs of our customers.
The elaboration of our project proposal is always followed by an inspection that allows us to verify the measurements down to the last millimeter. This guarantees perfect results and correct estimation of installation times.


On-site measurements

 Habitat carefully surveys the worksite to be able to verify the measurements of the rooms and to check the correct positioning of the electric and plumbing.
This is done with instruments and measuring techniques that guarantee the highest precision.

For Habitat, this survey step represents the main check for project accuracy and for this reason it is carried out with extreme care. The inspection by one of our architects is fundamental for the evaluation of lighting, color selection and materials chosen and can be carried out before or after the drafting of the project on a case by case basis.

Electrical and plumbing connection layout

Each project sold by Habitat is accompanied by an electrical and plumbing connections project.
This is an exclusive service available from Habitat, and is an essential component of a professional interior design project.
The electrical and plumbing system layout of each room is drawn up with extreme care and precision. The client only needs to give the Habitat project to the electrician and plumber in charge to ensure installation is correctly executed.
Habitat offers a construction assistance service through its architects who are always available to communicate with the technicians responsible for carrying out the work in case of changes made during construction.

Delivery, installation and post-sale


Habitat specialists work with the most advanced equipment and tools with the utmost respect for the homes of their clients. A valuable object designed to stand the test of time requires a precise and accurate installation done by specialized personnel.
With attention to detail and accuracy, they carefully handle and install the furniture and décor elements chosen by the customer to bring masterpieces to life, every day.
The advantage for the customer is to be able to count on specialized personnel and therefore on a meticulous and accurate installation.


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