Our exclusive services

Find out the difference!

We want to offer each customer exclusive attention in response to what they are trying to achieve, whether it’s a complete furniture or the final touch to give character to an existing furniture. This is why we use all our skills to always offer you something more.

At Habitat we present your project in a truly immersive way!

We present your project in a truly engaging way! After a first meeting, in which we will share your priorities and furnishing needs, we will welcome you into your new home inviting you to preview what will be the final result of the spaces we are creating for you through an innovative system of reality. You can explore the designed spaces by looking around as you would in a real space. You can preview the apartment designed by discovering all the alternatives for finishes and materials. You will live an engaging experience that will make the choice of your future living spaces easier and more exciting.

Turnkey interior design projects

With increasing frequency, people are entrusting their homes to Habitat’s turnkey service.
Design, renovation, furnishings, décor… and the home is ready to be lived in!

Habitat manages every phase with incredible skill, planning the steps of the various phases from the renovation to the assembly of the furniture, avoiding wasting time and reducing the risk of errors. In a few weeks, from the approval of our project by the customer, our staff guarantees results that go beyond all expectations. A design representative coordinates each stage of the work until the arrival of the furniture assembly team who transform your dreams into reality.
We are here to serve you. Just ask and we will fulfill all your dreams.


Planning and assistance

The “Habitat project” team is the perfect point of contact for all the various jobs your project requires, all in one place.
Besides the design studio and supplying all the furniture, Habitat can also coordinate all the companies and artisans necessary for the realization of the project. The advantages for the client are: the reduction of downtime and therefore the streamlining of the entire process, the peace of mind knowing that the work is being monitored and the elimination of the risk of errors.

Each client will be assigned a designer-contact person, who they can contact for any clarifications, details or additional information about the project they deem necessary during any step of the process from masonry, electrical or plumbing to the installation of the furniture.



In Habitat’s new “materioteca” it is possible to select flooring, wall coverings, marbles and fabrics that work together perfectly to create a high level of comfort and equilibrium for each room.
Our expert interior designers and architects will select the right mood board based on the style of the home being designed and the tastes of the individual. It is great to be able to see and touch each project material and it is especially useful to be able to do so inside a single showroom. Here you will have the security of knowing that no detail will be left out and you will be able to arrive to a final selection in a simple and straightforward way.


Custom Work

The Habitat designers rely on professional carpenters, glassmakers, blacksmiths and decorators to create custom furniture that best meets the needs expressed by the client. In this way, they can propose exhaustive choices through personalized solutions.

The impeccable installation of all pieces guarantees the perfect results obtained with each piece of tailor-made décor.



Habitat has always collaborated with the best design studios by providing them with support and assistance in every phase of their projects.
Because of the way we are organized we are ideal partners, capable of streamlining project implementation times. The precision with which we manage the installation offers the designer the security of knowing they’ll get great result and the total satisfaction of their final customer.
This dedicated service relies on our many years of experience in the world of design and architecture, on our in-depth knowledge of the products available and on the technical skills we have gained from years of working side-by-side with the best design studios.


Logistics Hub

We’ll take care of everything!
Habitat has a dedicated logistics hub for receiving and storing goods, where each piece of furniture has its own reserved space. In the event of delays on the worksite, Habitat will take perfect care of the products free of charge until the build or renovation work is completed.
This is an exclusive service offered by Habitat which takes full advantage of our very large storage building to guarantee our clients the peace of mind they deserve in the period of time before their furniture is delivered. Once the delivery has been agreed upon, the products are handled with the necessary care and loaded onto our delivery vehicles to arrive to your home

Home Personal Shopper

Do you want to give your home a new look without replacing all the furniture?
Do you feel like your home is missing something to make it more welcoming?
After doing an on-site visit, a Habitat expert decorator can make changes to the furnishings to create a special ambiance by: substituting a rug, repositioning objects, adding new artwork or choosing the right drapes or the ideal lamp.
To update a room or to complete a look that has some missing elements, Habitat will make available to you one of our expert home personal shoppers, who will be able to bring out the best in any of your living spaces.


Wedding Registry

More and more couples are entrusting Habitat with those special touches for their home, selecting objects, décor accessories and lamps to put on their wedding registry to make the living space they are creating together truly perfect!
Whether it is a full wedding registry or just a few pieces of décor, Habitat will be able to advise you on the most suitable lamps, artwork and other objects to complete and enhance the look of any home. It is a great way to make your home decorating truly magical, creating the right mix of forms and colors that are able to make your home both unique and welcoming.



After everything is installed and complete, we have a special gift for our customers: a photoshoot of their newly decorated home done by a professional.
It is the perfect way to take a moment to share in the satisfaction regarding the choices made and the great work done together. And for those who carried out the work and installation, it is a moment of joy to see the final result and for us to show just how important each home project is to us.