Ethics and innovation

At the time of purchase, Habitat gives each client a copy of their contract with the details of the products purchased, the services included, the price, the payment methods and the agreed delivery times.

Product details

Every product comes with a technical sheet from the product manufacturer which describes in detail the materials it is made from.


Habitat guarantees all products following the terms and conditions established by current legislation, beginning from the delivery date. All assistance is done by our own staff in the shortest time possible. Some products have a provision for a warranty extension which will be explained at the time of purchase. After the warranty has expired, our company provides technical service assistance, which is also handled by our internal personnel. The cost of repairs or replacements, when not covered by a warranty, will be calculated on the basis of the current rates at the time of service in addition to the cost of any parts that need to be replaced. All of this is done with the intention of offering our customers the best possible service.

Protecting the Environment

Habitat is committed to removing the furniture packing materials after delivery. At our warehouse, we carefully separate the materials to allow for recycling.
Habitat works with companies that use panels composed of E0 classified wood particles, meaning they have a very low formaldehyde content. It gives preference to suppliers who use water-based and non-toxic paints, adhering to the requirements of all current regulations.
The reserves intended for fire prevention are integrated together with rainwater basins.
Habitat uses recycled paper, contributing to the reduced environmental impact tied to the use of paper and also its disposal after its final use.
Habitat makes all deliveries using its own vehicles, all recently purchased and all in the Euro 5 environmental class for emissions.


Habitat guarantees to follow rules regarding privacy and the correct processing of all personal data.

Selection and Innovation

Habitat has been collaborating for years with the main manufacturers of contemporary furniture to be able to offer innovative products both in terms of aesthetics and function. The company welcomes every new trend, proposing designs and products that adhere to new lifestyles and all kinds of needs.
Habitat is equipped with up-to-date interior design tools as well as innovative and extremely precise means for on-site assembly and installation.