Use of space and colors in a village

The realization of this furniture was followed by:

Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room

Color is the main protagonist in this interior design project in a home located in a village in the Siena countryside: a touch of blue in the kitchen stools, the shades of green in the living room, the sunny yellow of the bedroom and the restful powder blue of the bedroom. In the kitchen, blue chairs compliment two wall cabinets in plum and sky blue color. The Oyster model kitchen by Veneta Cucine is made particularly functional by the inclusion of the corner storage cabinet. Quartz countertops and stoneware backsplash have been chromatically matched in an ideal way. Habitat even designed an original wine bottle holder for the kitchen, made by our craftspeople. In the bathroom, every little space has been exploited, from the design of the sink to the practical custom cabinets. The selection of fixtures has been made for aesthetics and good use of space. The decor is completed with curtains and lighting specially selected for each room. The table and chairs are by Cattelanitalia, the lighting fixtures are by Foscarini, Nemo and Vesoi.