The form of light and space

The realization of this furniture was followed by:

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room


Habitat completed the furnishing of a large apartment based on a project by the architectural firm RICCARDO BUTINI of Siena.

The kitchen consists of a work area and another area dedicated to storage and large appliances. Here, starting with a large built-in fridge (75 centimeters wide), the column of storage cabinets alternate with that of the ovens. The highlight of this kitchen is the peninsula entirely covered in ceramic. The same ceramic extends over the entire worktop and continues on the wall at full height. On the architectural project, the insertion of a horizontal light source on the ceiling enhances the material, illuminates the worktop and gives the whole project incredible charm. The electrical sockets were not inserted in the wall but placed in a removable tower strategically positioned in the junction between the linear top and the peninsula in order to enhance the continuity of ceramic coverings and to serve both areas. The stovetop is located on the peninsula so that the person cooking can appreciate the beauty of the surroundings even while preparing meals. The exhaust hood consists of a block suspended in the middle of the room and with its white surface echoes the color of the kitchen cabinet doors. Its shape dialogues perfectly with the size of the peninsula where the ceramic covering enhances and reinforces the purity of the spaces. The large size of this room has allowed for the insertion of an elegant table in a convenient position that is far enough from the kitchen work area to allow you to enjoy your meal away from the goings-on in the kitchen while enjoying a wonderful view of the city.

The large living room is furnished with elements that are full of character in order to bring personality to the room while respecting and enhancing the architecture. In the bedroom, following Architect Riccardo Butini’s design project, is the custom-made closet which has been perfectly inserted into a corner niche.