The beauty of perfection

The realization of this furniture was followed by:

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room

This kitchen model, Dialogo by Veneta Cucine, was customized to fit this irregular space, where the cut of the countertops in several out-of-square corners showcases the incredible skills of the Habitat technicians. The quartz countertop was built perfectly to size to include the window sill. In this way, the sink benefits from greater depth. At the same time, the position of the faucet was calculated down to the millimeter to allow for the window opening. The backsplash behind the sink has been precisely constructed between the countertop and the window to offer maximum protection. The cooktop is located in the peninsula.

The corner cupboard is equipped with fully extractable baskets and also houses an electric socket to be able to use small appliances on the peninsula, near the cooking area.

The bedrooms were also designed with great care by Habitat. A Siparium glass door by Rimadesio gives access to a walk-in closet. The custom made structure designed by Habitat allows the diagonal walk-in closet to be elegantly connected to the sliding glass door closet. Visibility inside the closet is ensured by the lights recessed in the lowered ceiling above.