Technology, functionality and aesthetics

The realization of this furniture was followed by:


In this newly renovated home in the city center of Siena, by the surveyor MARCO FATTORINI of Habitat, the kitchen was made from the perfect blending of design and technology.
The style is a timeless, totally white kitchen. The project is divided into two areas: that of the sink, which makes the most of the light coming from the large window overlooking the historic downtown, and the centrally located peninsula that houses the large stovetop with exhaust element. The peninsula divides the kitchen from the living room and allows for food preparation while facing the large open space. In order to obtain greater visual continuity, the exhaust element is installed directly in the peninsula with the Nikolatesla stovetop made by Elica. This innovative model, created with induction technology, is now also available in a natural gas version as well.