Ready to live

The realization of this furniture was followed by:


The magic of wallpaper.
In this room makeover, the wallpaper chosen gives new life to the stairwell and harmoniously enlivens the children’s room.

For the stairwell, a two-color pattern was chosen, enhanced by the height of the wall.

For the bedroom, the very soft design is well-suited to an area dedicated to rest and perfectly frames the bed and the study corner.

In this small bedroom, every detail has been studied with the aim of obtaining a bright, functional and fun environment. The shades of pink are found throughout the furniture and fabrics used. The double curtain filters the light, making it very pleasant. On the bedspread, the theme of hot air balloons brings together all the colors used in the rest of the room, from the twine color of the bed, to the pink of the curtains and the purple of some of the furnishings. The same colors are used in small amounts on the closet and bookcase as well.