Natural chic

The realization of this furniture was followed by:


This bedroom expresses a contemporary, relaxed and natural mood. It is the result of a mixture of natural colors and materials. The delicateness is illustrated by the subject of the wallpaper, the naturalness is achieved with the widespread use of natural wood in the shelves and in the closet, as well as by the natural linen fabric curtains; the softness is added by the padded bedframe.

A bespoke drywall project allowed for the creation of a pleasant bookcase behind the bed and a convenient shelf for small objects. On the shelf behind the bed there is a LED lighting system that enhances the wallpaper. The system of spotlights on the ceiling guarantees good overall lighting of the room. The asymmetrical lighting on the sides of the bed, with hanging lights on the right and a bedside lamp on the left, contributes to making the main wall of the room a unique and original canvas of shapes and colors.