Lights and shadows

The realization of this furniture was followed by:

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room

The restyling project of this beautiful apartment was inspired by the incredible amount of natural light that fills it. Which is why we chose to really give the living area a unique character by selecting a metallic graphite color for the main wall, on which the sliding door from the Velaria collection by Rimadesio is discreetly placed which leads to the bedrooms. A beautiful sofa in shades of gray sits on a huge wall alongside an amaranth color credenza that stands out from the background without creating too much contrast. The result is an effect of refined elegance.

The most has been made of the kitchen, with its limited surface area, by inserting a large corner pantry in the back niche. The round peninsula in the middle rests on a suspended cupboard that adds storage volume without cluttering up the room. The slenderness of the peninsula allows a comfortable flow for walking and using the room. A second large sliding door separates the kitchen from the living room, without taking away light thanks to the transparent smoked glass that preserves the view of the living room even when the door is closed. The extendable table in the middle of the room, despite its large size and length, does not interrupt the view thanks to the transparent glass with which it is built.

Opposite the sofa, a large hanging wall unit includes all the colors mentioned so far, such as amaranth, medium gray and dark gray. It accommodates a large television set and provides a convenient service shelf for the entrance of the house.

In the bedroom, the Attico model bed by Twils is in a beautiful dark gray color with bronze-colored filaments in keeping with the colors used in the living area. This room was customized by creating a dark gold wall that frames the bed and gives warmth to the most private room in the house.