Details that make the difference

The realization of this furniture was followed by:


Many ingredients for an impeccable outcome

Designing a kitchen should always begin with listening to the priorities of the people who will use it: their personal tastes, their style, their passion for cooking. The young woman, a doctor, who chose this kitchen from among the many different options available did so with total confidence, immediately zeroing in on the specific model, color and material of this Oyster kitchen model by Veneta Cucine on display in our showroom. Then the detail-oriented work of customization and refinement of the project began, starting with the measurements of the room and especially the choice of the most useful accessories. And this kitchen has it all. The lighting is very carefully designed with LED bars under the wall units, inside the display cabinets and on the shelves. The illuminated glass cabinets express great elegance and the LED bars under the wall units and the shelves concentrate the light exactly where it is needed. The shelves are accessorized with glass holders to keep glasses within easy reach. The pantry is well organized with large columns, one of which has a pull-out mechanism. In front of the columns there is a large free standing steel fridge. At its side we have placed a corner bar with a peninsula facing the window in order to enjoy an aperitif, breakfast or a snack having everything close by but being located away from the stove. There is a dedicated place for the coffee machine and the wine glasses in the practical accessory attached to the shelves, along with cups and glasses. Here, the austerity of the dark gray perfectly combines with the warmth of the wood. The worktop is made of sturdy ceramic. The back splashes are made of ceramic behind the sink and steel behind the stovetop. To the right of the stovetop is the oven column. Even the microwave is in a strategic position, to leave space for the worktop it has been recessed into a wall unit! The details that guarantee the maximum functionality of this kitchen are in harmony with the aesthetics. All the kitchen cupboards are organized with baskets and to preserve continuity even the dishwasher has two baskets. The hood consists of two horizontal steel panels and from a minimum depth of only 15 centimeters it opens forward to remove all the fumes produced by cooking.