A very classy kitchen

The realization of this furniture was followed by:


This is a kitchen within its own room, reserved for food prep and dining, but which is at the same time visible from the living room thanks to a large window.

The result of this project by Habitat is a very classy kitchen.

The materials are functional and elegant: the glossy doors, the glossy quartz countertop and the backlit glass backsplash give this kitchen functionality and shine. In the evening, the luminous backsplash ensures constant lighting on the worktop and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

The cooking area is located on the peninsula so that there is always a large countertop available for prep. In order to avoid the encumbrance of an exhaust hood in the middle of the room, the unit has been inserted within the cooktop. The removable hood adds originality to the project and ensures the performance of a professional kitchen.

Above the peninsula, the lightness of the Panzeri light bar also offers maximum visibility of the cooking area. The columns, which are of maximum height, are perfectly inserted in a niche in order to offer maximum capacity and minimum encumbrance. Everything is framed by indirect lighting coming from the wall units.

A truly spectacular result!